Loving life in LA Zoo

I love zoos. No seriously, I would actually spend all my time in zoos if I could. I would get a chair and an ounce of weed and just sit there all day, observing the animals. Before coming to California, one of my main priorities was going to a zoo, and I wasn’t disappointed.

I entered the zoo at 3PM. It was extremely hot and humid, but this didn’t matter. All that mattered was the fact that I was surrounded by exotic animals. I travelled to the end of the zoo where the large animals reside and decided to work my way back slowly. L.A Zoo is set out in zones of different countries; with animals of their respective countries in those such zones. I first saw the gorillas, they were amazingly chilled out for the hot weather. One lay on the side of a rock, seemingly eating his foot while feeling around for some leaves to eat. He hadn’t the faintest idea me and a trillion 8 year olds were watching his every move (is it weird I was far more excited than said 8 year olds?) I don’t think so.

DSCN0711 DSCN0758

After the gorillas I saw the chimps. I was attracted by their distant screeches. There were a few of them chilling on a large rock, one of which was a baby chimp. If I wasn’t excited before, I was now. I observed them for a while as they meandered around their area, in a world of their own.

Next came the zebras and elephants. The zebras kept together, eating grass in a huddle looking generally cool. The elephants were one of the best sights. Elephants are said to be somewhat intelligent animals. I certainly bell this as they seem so wise, like an elderly Japanese sensei. They also look a bit sad, which makes me like them more. I watched them toss grass into their mouths and dilly-dally about and after taking some pictures I carried on towards the lions. There was a male and female lion; the female was asleep while the male strutted around yawning. Every time he yawned he elevated his entire body and exposed his razor sharp teeth. It was a pretty badass lion, I must say.


Next to the lions were the giraffes. Giraffes are hilarious animals. Everything about them makes me smile, from the way they elegantly strut about, to the way In which they munch on trees. These giraffes did just that, eating grass and leaves while others galloped around. After the giraffes I walked towards the hippos. After briefly seeing two spider monkeys consummating their relationship I saw a black bear and then the hippos.


Honestly the hippos were pretty boring, staying submerged under the water for the duration of my time there. The lazy bastards. The rhinos were similarly disappointing. If I was in the jungle I would make far more of an effort to entertain the animals…


My last sightings were the reptiles and amphibians. I was a little bit too excited to see the turtle swimming about with the fish. Turtles are definitely the best animals behind pandas in my opinion (sadly there were no pandas, for some stupid reason) but at least there was a turtle. It looked so happy swimming up and down continuously. The snakes were a tad boring, remaining curled up, where is the effort of some animals? But the Komodo dragon rectified this. Seeing a Komodo dragon always excites me as I feel a bit like I’m in Game of Thrones or some equivalent fantasy realm.

I left the zoo a very happy man. It’s only a shame it had to close, maybe I should of just stayed there and let the lions raise me… Anyway, tomorrow I hit Venice Beach and Little Italy which I’m very excited about as that is where the majority of Californication is filmed. Should be gooooood!

DSCN0768 DSCN0780


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