Climategate: Are we being lied to about Global Warming?

I first heard the term ‘Climategate’ in an article in The Telegraph by Christopher Brooker, who spoke about the continued falsified data thwarting our knowledge about climate change. This came after a flurry of realizations concerning the accuracy of certain data used to measure the temperature of the earth, pointing to the fact that climate change is not as it seems. For too long people have been over-exaggerating the effects of ‘global warming,’ but how much of this is true, and what is the climate actually doing?

2014 was said to be ‘the hottest record on year’ – but in reality it was not at all. After headlines emphasised this as the ‘hottest year since records began’ a blog appeared notifying people of ‘massive tampering with temperatures in South America’ written by Paul Homewood, and indeed revealed some alarming information.

The temperature of the world is mainly measured in two ways by NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS), the UN’s Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), The University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit with the Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction, which all measure the surface temperature of the Earth. The other two biggest measurements come from satellites which are then compiled into Remote Sensing Systems (RSS) in California, and the University of Alabama.

Homewood inspected an area which GISS had shown rapid increases in surface temperature, more than anywhere else in the world. This area was a long strip of rural land between Brazil and Paraguay where weather stations were sporadically placed. Due to the shortage of stations there, Homewood decided to three rural stations across a large proportion of Paraguay where GISS had recorded a temperature rise of 1.5C degrees between 1950 and 2014 – more than double the global rate of increase throughout the 20th century. However, when checking the data provided by GISS against the original data used to derive this information, he found that the data had been tampered with in rather extreme fashion. Instead of an increase of 1.5C, Homewood found that the temperature had in fact declined over the past 65 years by 1 whole degree. This was the same across all three stations that he examined.


While this in itself is certainly an alarming revelation, it is not so much in comparison to the fact that this is by no means the first example of temperature altering. In fact, it comes in a long series of similar revelations concerning altered data used to falsify climate change claims. We are constantly warned of the threat of global warming, told that our temperatures are reaching the highest levels for 1,000 years where in reality they are not at all. The Earth’s temperature is no way near this bad, in reality they are no greater than the increases between 1860 and 1880, or between 1910 and 1940 showing the effects of natural warming following the ‘Little Ice Age’ two centuries ago.

The two measurement systems used for recording climate change have also began to differ more and more. The surface-based measurement systems have been recording an increase for a while now, leading to their depiction of 2014 as the ‘hottest on record’ whereas the satellite systems have found far different results indicating no rise in the trend for 18 years now. Even more, 2014 was ranked as only the sixth warmest year since 1997. So somebody must be wrong?


Other than the plethora of false data provided to justify the views of pro global warming fanatics, scientists and meteorologists have become increasingly worried with the systems used for measuring climate change, and two aspects in particular. The first is that the so-called ‘worldwide’ network of weather stations used to record the temperature of everywhere in the world are actually not that worldwide at all, covering only 20% of the world. So that leaves 80% of the Earth’s surface not being covered at all, instead left to data projections which are very unreliable indeed. Of the 6,000 existing weather stations, the vast majority are located in urban areas which fall prey to the ‘urban heat island effect’ which dictates that readings can be up to 2 degrees warmer than rural areas. So to fill in the gaps (if you can call 80% of the world a ‘gap’) they use computerized data projected from these urban readings to project the readings for the surrounding areas of a station. For instance, GISS apparently use one station to project the data for an area of 1.6 million square miles around that station. So this means that the surrounding 1.6 million square miles are given an increased temperature due to the warmer urban environment, causing the significant rise in their data between 1990 and now (GISS closed down half of their stations in 1990, leaving the majority of urban stations in place of the rural ones).

But sadly this is not the worst part. Despite these ineffectual methods, the data has still been found to be subject to tampering. Earlier temperatures have been adjusted downwards while more recent temperatures have been increased in order to convey a sharp increase in the world’s temperature. Lies.

Recently, many leading climate experts and scientists have given evidence certifying the climate change lie. John Coleman, the co-founder of the Weather Station has argued that the theory of man-made climate change is no longer scientifically credible, arguing that what ‘little evidence’ there is points to a ‘natural phenomenon’ within our evolving eco-system. He added that polar ice is increasing, not melting away, and polar bears are rising in number. Canadian academic Dr Timothy Ball used the evidence of ice-core data to argue that the Earth’s recent temperature records are actually placed in the lowest 3% of all those recorded since the climax of the last ice age, 10,000 years ago. It seems that the recent wave of ‘adjusted’ data has led to many prominent scientists conducting their own research; all finding the same result.

With the United Nations Universal Climate Treaty coming in December this year, this is indeed an important topic.But whether the political leaders of the world will continue to be ravaged by false data and and an inaccurate theory pushed forward by tampered records and ineffective measurement systems remains to be seen. One can hope that the world can start to look at climate change more seriously now that we can see it is possibly the greatest scientific lie of the modern era.


2 thoughts on “Climategate: Are we being lied to about Global Warming?

  1. stefanthedenier says:

    Fact: what doesn’t exist – cannot have a ”pause”! This ”pause” of yours will last for millions of years.
    Fact: global temp data doesn’t exist; nobody monitors on every cubic meter of air – temp distribution is not as in human body, I.e. when gets warmer by 1C under the armpit = the whole body is warmer by that much – temp in the atmosphere is different on every 10m2 and changes every 15 minutes. Here are all the proofs and facts: .


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