Climategate: Are we being lied to about Global Warming?


I first heard the term ‘Climategate’ in an article in The Telegraph by Christopher Brooker, who spoke about the continued falsified data thwarting our knowledge about climate change. This came after a flurry of realizations concerning the accuracy of certain data used to measure the temperature of the earth, pointing to the fact that climate change is not as it seems. For too long people have been over-exaggerating the effects of ‘global warming,’ but how much of this is true, and what is the climate actually doing?

2014 was said to be ‘the hottest record on year’ – but in reality it was not at all. After headlines emphasised this as the ‘hottest year since records began’ a blog appeared notifying people of ‘massive tampering with temperatures in South America’ written by Paul Homewood, and indeed revealed some alarming information.

The temperature of the world is mainly measured in two…

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