Regent’s Park, London

Regent’s Park, London – May 2015

Of all the parks in London, Regent’s is certainly one of my favourites. For one it’s where the zoo is, and I do love a good zoo, but also every square inch of the park is a perfect reflection of summer. Located in the heart of London, mostly within Westminster, the park is very easy to find and spans across a large chunk of the area and into Camden. The park is intoxicated with an abundance of flowers, plants and fountains which lure you in the further you travel inside. The ideal plan of action when facing Regent’s Park is to drift slowly towards the Queen Mary’s Gardens which lies at the centre. You can either explore these gardens before setting off towards the zoo, or if you are up for more of a walk, carry on towards Primrose Hill.

The sheer size and diversity of the park excel it beyond others as there is so much to do here, but what I enjoyed most is the tranquillity that stuns the atmosphere. Walking into the park I noticed many people had decided to escape their busy lives in favour of catching the sun and relaxing on the grass. People were littered across the grass, hidden behind clusters of vibrantly coloured flowers and foliage. This was perhaps the nicest aspect of the park; the more you walk through it that tranquil feeling never escapes you whereas in somewhere like Hyde Park there is too much commotion from the floods of children and students. Regent’s Park very much succeeds in managing to harbour hundreds of people in its clutches without making it seem as though it is actually that busy, like some kind of crazy optical illusion.


If you do find yourself (accidentally or on purpose) floating around Regent’s Park or just fancy getting yourself amongst the flowers (beware all hayfever sufferers) then here are some ideas for you:

Queen Mary’s Gardens

This is for sure my favourite part of the park, concealed deep in the heart of the park the Gardens come to life from Spring to Summer. Dozens and dozens of different plants and flowers lay scattered around a small lake inhabited by ducks and swans. If you stick to the path as you come through the big golden gate you will not be upset. Follow it towards the lake and over the small bridge to find yourself lost in a photographers paradise, or maybe more of a flower-enthusiasts paradise… either way its great. There is also a nice waterfall to stare at as well as benches dotted around the side for you to sit back in gawp at the view.

    London Zoo

Zoo’s are great so I feel as though this doesn’t even need that much explaining. London Zoo is good but not brilliant, but then again it has animals so how can it not be that brilliant? Well for one it isn’t huge and its list of animals is not as extensive as others, like LA zoo which was just silly how big it was (find out how much I liked it here: Anyhow, it does have a lot of gorillas as well as komodo dragons, hippos, lemurs, meerkats and a whole host of other cool animals. This zoo is perhaps more of a child-aimed demographic so for families with small kids this is a perfect destination. But be warned, it can be expensive.

The Open Air Theatre


Set in the heart of London the Open Air Theatre is a wonderful idea to bring theatre to life outside. Now I haven’t actually done this yet, but its on my ever-growing list of things to do and I will conduct a review upon finally going! But f anyone reading gets the chance to go I would definitely encourage you to!
Here’s a link to what they have on:

Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill is one of the best places in London to go if you want to see the sunset, and possibly the best place to take a picture of it. If you walk through the Queen Mary Gardens and out of the park, it is only a short distance away to your right after you head over the road. Although its a steep incline and half way up the (pretty short) hill you will be wondering why you even bothered, when you get to the top it is completely worth it. The view stretches out over London so that you can clearly see the BT Tower as well as a glimpse of London’s skyline lying behind Regent’s Park. The best time to go is just in time for the sunset to watch the sun go to bed behind the concrete skyline.

 So basically the morale here is to get yourself to Regent’s Park, you won’t regret it!

– Charlie


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