Kew Gardens

Love Kew Gardens but haven’t been in ages, really want to go now!

Patterns Found

Kew Gardens (Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew, Sussex, England) is a beautiful park which houses the largest collection of  living plants in the world. The beginnings of this collection were from species brought back by the famous naturalist and botanist, Sir Joseph Banks when he traveled with Captain Cook on his first round the world voyage. If you want to add to the magic of the story, check out Elizabeth Gilbert’s “The Signature of All Things” for a wonderful historical fiction on the beginnings of Kew and beyond.

 My last visit to England was in March during one of  the coldest winters in recent memory. The steamy greenhouses were an especially welcome solace during the still freezing early spring.  The palm house is the largest iron and glass structure in the world with ornate Victorian lines that conjure images of decked out ladies with parasols strolling and sketching.

Signs of spring were everywhere. The crocus bulbs exploded from the ground like a…

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