Positivity makes the world go round

There are a lot of problems circulating the world as there has been since the beginning of time. This will never change, but the way in which we view these problems can change. The media focuses on negativity, and we have become slaves to this. The entire world seems to be lured into the depressing, negative aspects of our planet such as violence, hypocrisy, famine and disasters. What we don’t hear about though is the thousands of amazing stories that occur each day. We do not hear about the local heroes of society, people who make an actual difference and stories that can help us make better decisions for ourselves and everybody around us.

News is irrelevant. On one side we hear copious amounts of stories about death, war and suffering around the world. On the other side we are filled with pointless and seemingly never-ending spiels of crap about what the latest celebrity is doing. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Miley Cyrus give us nothing of any benefit. They pollute the minds of people around the world with ideas of how we should be. Children, if your reading – never aspire to be like these people, aspire to be your own person. The decisions made by these people are in no way news worthy subjects. Instead we should be hearing more about the plethora of amazing humans around the world doing brilliant things everyday. Learning of their stories can lead us to make better decisions rather than becoming slaves to the latest trend, or feeling powerless against the forces of evil around the world. Hearing about a car crash, seeing a plane crash or reading about a kidnapping will only cause us to shy away from certain things as we see the tragedy without knowledge of the actual probability of the risk. Flying is the safest mode of transport yet on the few occasions something does go badly, it is reported on the front page of every newspaper leading us to become fearful of flying. What is the point in this?

The current state of journalism exists in a place where negativity thrives, acting as the catalyst for what a story should be. This problem is very deep-rooted, but there is change in the air. More journalists are beginning to acknowledge the need for a greater balance between the positive and the negative, with the emergence of sites like Positive News and Huffington Post’s Good News.

Rather than complaining about this for endless paragraphs (it would be fun though…) this would solve nothing other than me possibly feeling slightly better about myself for maybe a minute or two. Instead I have decided to start a new part of this blog. As well as recording my various outings around the world, I want to begin a weekly blog telling the stories of amazing people around the world. If anyone does read it I hope it makes you feel more positive as well as inspired to make better decisions for your own lives!


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